Invite Your Friends & Get ﷼ 1 Vouchers for Everyone...

You can invite as many friends as you want.

For every person you invite, you will get ﷼ 1 Voucher each. i.e, if you invite 7 of your friends to shop with us, you will get (7 x 10) ﷼ 70 value points after they get their order delivered.

The person you invite will also get ﷼ 1 Voucher.Your friend should use the unique code emailed to them to get their ﷼ 1 Voucher.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The Unique code is "One-Time-Use" & cannot be reused.
  • These Voucher points cannot be redeemed against cash.
  • The Voucher points can be used with OurShopee only. They are not acceptable on any other online shopping website.
  • To avail this Voucher, you need to login to our website to create an account with us & the Voucher amount will be shown to you as "Reward Points".
  • ﷼1 is equivalent to 100 Reward points. Hence, you & your friend will be awarded 1000 Reward points by
  • Please note that you will get ﷼ 1 Voucher only when your friend confirms the order with us & the order gets delivered to him.
  • Your friend will get ﷼ 1 Voucher on their first order only.
  • Each time a friend invited by you receives their order; you will get reward points in your account.
  • These Voucher points are valid for 12 months only. These points are not redeemable after the 12 months period is over.
  • reserves the right to make changes or terminate this offer any time they require without any prior notice.
  • Any misconduct or misuse or fakeness observed by us will not be entertained & hence OurShopee will take action against it either by deleting their account permanently or by taking their reward points back.