Promate Wireless Charging Alarm Clock, Soothing Touch Control 6 Color LED Night Light with Wake-Up Digital Alarm Clock, AuraRise.White

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Promate Wireless Charging Alarm Clock, Soothing Touch Control 6 Color LED Night Light with Wake-Up Digital Alarm Clock, AuraRise.White

Brand Promate

Promate Wireless Charging Alarm Clock, Soothing Touch Control 6 Color LED Night Light with Wake-Up Digital Alarm Clock, AuraRise.White 


• Sunrise Simulation • Bedside Lamp • Wake up Sunrise Alarm Clock • Wake up Mood Tunes • Decorative LED Colour Options • Eye-Caring Soothing Light • 10W Wireless Fast Charge for your Android and Apple Devices • Case Compatibility • Multifunction Clock • Case Compatibility • Snooze Function • Touch Control with Brightness Levels


 AuraRise light provides a pleasant, natural way to start your morning. Featuring a coloured sunrise simulation and personalized light settings the light gradually increases between 15 minutes prior to your alarm time. Backed by scientific research, this UV-free sunrise simulation is proven to wake you up with an improved mood and energy level. With the added functionality of a 10W Qi wireless charger and LED alarm clock, makes AuraRise a must-have accessory for your bedside  Features  Sunrise Simulation: Inspired by nature's sunrise, light gradually increases from dim until your room is filled with bright yellow light. This process of increasing light intensity stimulates your body to wake up naturally. By the time light has filled the room your chosen natural sound completes the wake-up experience, leaving you ready for the day ahead.  Bedside Lamp: In addition, to be a dawn simulator alarm clock, the Promate AuraRise Wake-up Light can also be used as a bedside lamp, with a choice of 6 different light intensities.  Wake up Sunrise Alarm Clock: This alarm clock uses a warm LED light that gradually brightens before the alarm time to gently wake you up, making you feel refreshed and rested. And this alarm clock with LCD Screen and you can touch the alarm clock key to stop the ring.  Wake up Mood Tunes:  AuraRise features 6 different wakes up tunes that let you wake up more pleasantly. Never afraid of getting up late. You can wake up along with sunlight and 6 natural sounds  Decorative LED Colour Options:  It is more than a normal alarm clock that can also serve as a mood light and bedside lamp to create a romantic atmosphere by selecting 6 colours (warm white, green, red, blue, purple and yellow), or works as warm white LED light.  Eye-Caring Soothing Light: Comfortable and non-flickering LED light for stress-free productivity and reading. Soft LED lights offer a bright light that is gentle and easy on the eyes, to prevent fatigue and eyestrain.  10W Wireless Fast Charge for your Android and Apple Devices: This wireless charger has a fast transmission power mode of 7,5W or 10W*, to adapt to all the devices compatible with wireless fast charge (Android and Apple). The fast charge mode allows charging devices 1.4 times faster than the standard wireless charging mode.  Case Compatibility:  Charge without removing your case. The AuraRise Wireless Charging Pad Stand is engineered to work with most lightweight cases.  Multifunction Clock:  The LED display content including time (12/24 hours), date, temperature (°C / °F), humidity, in an easy to read large interface. You can set up alarms as wakeups, an alarm sounds for 1 minute, ensuring that even the deepest sleep can wake you up.  Snooze Function:  Simply touch the snooze button of the light alarm clock to gain an extra minute for you to be ready for getting up. Start your every day with a fully prepared body and mind.  Touch Control with Brightness Levels: Tap your fingers along the touchpad to set the brightness level and the lighting mode of your choice. Dim enough at its lowest setting so as not to disturb a sleeping spouse or child, yet bright enough at its highest setting to allow for easy.  Compatible with Qi Devices: The Promate AuraRise wireless charger is compatible with any Qi device including iPhone X / 8 / 8 Plus, iPhone XR / XS/ XS Max and Samsung Galaxy Note8 / S8 / S8+/S9/ S9+/ S10 /S10+/S10e and so on.

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